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Dental A to Z

Dental A to Z

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Teeth for Life

A plan to care for teeth and gums through good oral hygiene to allow them to last a ‘lifetime’

Every human is born with a genetic programme which will develop for us two perfect sets of teeth - a deciduous set and a permanent set. Nature has given us a second chance to learn from our mistakes if we fail to keep the first temporary set in perfect condition. By the age of six years we have to have a carefully regulated diet and an effective cleaning programme which will be part of our daily routine.

All teeth erupt free of tooth decay and a life-time preservation programme must be put into practice. It is important that life-time habits are developed in the young. Cleaning must be fun and it is the very last thing that has to be done before bed time. Nothing must be eaten or drunk afterwards. If a child has to have a drink by the bed at night then this should only be water.

Remember: neglect = tooth decay = pain and expense!